Sewer work

Opening, imaging and flushing of pipes and sewers

Is your sewer blocked or did there occur a sudden blockage in the pipeline? Or do you require normal annual maintenance for rainwater drains, oil separators or grease traps, or a comprehensive sewer inspection and imaging?

We carry out imaging, opening, chemical and mechanical cleaning as well as flushing of sewers. We offer commissioning inspections and examinations of old pipes performed with our custom-built camera equipment. Our imaging service covers pipes and sewers up to 2,000 mm. Our 24h emergency service ensures that you will get help if your sewer becomes suddenly blocked or a pipe gets broken or in case of flooding.

Pipe and sewer imaging and flushing is above all a preemptive measure—an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that the pipes are in order. Sewer imaging is recommended to be performed regularly and always when pipes need to be unclogged. We also have EX-protected camera equipment at our disposal.

We empty, flush and clean all drains and wells, such as storm-water drains, rainwater sewers, canals, septic tanks, sand separators, grease traps and oil separators.