Pumping and humidity protection services

We keep moisture in check and any target dry

Our diverse fleet of pumps and wet suction vehicles presents an efficient and quick solution when an area needs to be protected from humidity or when wet material or fluid needs to be removed or pumped. Our equipment can manage both pressure flushing and wet suction. The power of the pressure equipment varies between 200 and 700 bar, depending on the work unit. We have the solution for your humidity protection and wet suction needs, whether talking about the suction of different sludges, emptying of pools or opening and flushing sewers.

Examples of our mine projects:

  • Suctions and transport of hazardous substances
  • Sludge suction of pump station pools
  • Sludge suction and transport
  • Emptying and washing of safety pools
  • Making of siphons (for thickening pools)
  • Transport drives of chemicals such as lime milk and lye
  • Opening, flushing and imaging of sewers