Facade and roof washing

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Facade and roof washing extends the lifespan of the surface material

Facade washing is a quick and affordable way of maintaining the tidy appearance of your property. The painting interval of painted surfaces, in particular, can be extended by years when the facade is occasionally washed. We recommend maintenance washes between every 5–10 years, depending on the target. This prevents dirt from clinging to the surface material as well as any damage potentially caused by pollution, moss and fungal growths. Washing the roof extends the roof’s lifespan. If your roof looks a little run down, washing can make it look tidy again. In addition, a damp cover of moss substantially adds stress to the roof, shortening its lifespan.

Contact us; we can carry out a free-of-charge trial cleaning of your property and provide a competitive offer with a quick schedule. All roof surfaces can be washed. A tile roof can also be treated with a protective agent to prevent the growth of moss and lichen and to reduce frost-induced issues as moisture is not able to be absorbed into the tiles.

Tile roof treatment
Tile roofs are deep-cleansed with a hot-pressure wash and a tile detergent which increases its pH value. After cleaning, a protective agent is spread onto the tile surface to prevent water from being absorbed into the tiles, thus inhibiting the living conditions of moss and other growth.

The protective agents prevents

  • the acidification of the tile surface and the spearing of growth
  • frost decay
  • the absorption of moisture and, thus, dirt and pollution
  • water and mould damage
  • increases the lifespan of the tile roof