Dry-ice blasting, bead blasting and sand blasting

Alternatives for traditional cleaning

Dry-ice blasting is at the core competence of Delete. It is based on the particle method and can be used instead of, for example, water, steel bead or chemical washing. The dry-ice method is best suited for fragile surfaces and targets that are easily damaged or vulnerable to water. Dry-ice blasting is a so-called dry washing method; no water or detergent is used. Dry-ice blasting is not only easy and waste-free but also efficient. It cleans soot, bitumen, grease or general dirt in no time.

The method can be used for cleaning paper and printing machines, different production equipment and machinery, silos, transformers, electrical equipment, etc., as well as for removing paint.

Bead blasting is also at the core of our competence, and we are considered a pioneer of the method in Finland. The glass bead method is suited for cleaning the turbines of power plants and other high-precision cleaning. Glass beads make it easy to gently blast any impurities such as iron and lime from the target. One of the benefits of bead blasting is that unlike sand or silica, the round glass beads to not block the potential cracks in the target.

In bead blasting, the glass beads are mixed with water in a wet blasting pressure vessel where the mixture is pressurised and fed into the nozzle through a hose. Due to the precise output and adjustments of the system, 0.5–4 bar will suffice as the blasting pressure. The glass bead mixture can be utilised more than once, which saves time and costs.