Damage control, flood and fire damage repairs

Delete jälkivahinkopalvelut

We prevent loss and damage, and restore your property after small and large accidents

Delete’s services include post-flooding and post-fire damage control, damp assessments and fire damage restoration for all kinds of properties. We also dry up damp structures, carry out disinfections and clean up mouldy structures. In addition, we offer preventive services. From us you will get everything your property needs for its safety during its life cycle. We operate in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in the provinces of Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa and Middle Finland.

We carry out fire damage restoration and post-flooding renovations of all sizes

After flooding or a fire, we clear the site, carry out restoration, clean the furniture, machines and equipment, and deodorise and disinfect the premises. We eliminate all traces of the accident and sort and recycle all waste. We can also completely reconstruct the damaged property. Repairs can also be carried out at properties where normal operations must go on outside the actual renovation area. Such properties include hospitals and hi-tech industrial and research facilities, for example. Damp repairs in residential properties can also be carried out in a non-disruptive manner, and the occupants can live in the premises during the renovation.

A quick response prevents further damage, minimises repair costs and shortens the drying time. Our damp assessment experts quickly locate any problem areas and determine the drying and follow-up measures required.