Invoicing contact details

How to send an invoice to Delete

We provide our partners with specific instructions on sending invoices to make sure the invoice contains all the necessary information so that it can be efficiently processed at Delete. Any invoices sent with insufficient information must unfortunately be returned to the sender for supplementary information. The minimum term of payment is 30 days.

The representatives of Delete have been instructed to deliver the necessary invoicing details to our partners in connection with the order. The Delete representative who made the order will provide additional information.

Obligatory information in all invoices sent to Delete are as follows

  • name of orderer
  • profit centre (five-digit ID)
  • project number (8 characters; starts with PJ, followed by 6 digits, e.g. PJ000001)

As a rule, we only accept e-invoices. If you are not able to send e-invoices, find the address and scanning service for paper invoices below.

Our invoicing address

Delete Finland Ltd. (Business ID 1075521-2)
E-invoice address: 003710755212
Operator: Liaison Technologies Oy
Operator ID: 003708599126

Invoicing address for paper invoices:
Delete Finland Ltd.
Serial number 16804312
P.O. Box 861
00019 SSC, Finland

Delete Oy (Business ID 2340045-3)
E-invoice address 003723400453
Operator: Liaison Technologies Oy
Operator ID 003708599126

Invoicing address for paper invoices:
Delete Oy
Serial number 16804296
P.O. Box 861
00019 SSC, Finland

Invoicing address for paper invoices:

Delete Group Oyj (Business ID 2565169-4)
Postintaival 7
FI-00230 Helsinki, Finland

Invoices to scanning service by e-mail

Scanning service accepts mainly paper material to the customer specific P.O.Box address. Invoices which cannot be delivered in paper mail in reasonable time (e.g. foreign invoices) are received exceptionally by e-mail. E-mail address is: The address is only for invoices to be scanned. Please note that the sender is responsible for successful delivery of e-mail invoices.

Instructions for sending e-mail invoice:
The Invoicing Address of the receiving company must be identical compared to a paper invoice:
Oy Company Ltd.
Sarjanro 12345678
PL 123
00019 SSC

  • Acceptable attachment formats are PDF, JPG or TIF
  • The name of the attachment must not contain special characters, only a-z, A-Z, 0-9 are acceptable
  • The Invoice must be as an attachment and one attachment must contain only one (1) invoice
  • All pages must be included in a single file
  • One invoice cannot be split to multiple files or e-mails
  • The maximum size of the e-mail is 10 mb

Please note that text in e-mail body is not taken into account in invoice processing. Rejected invoices are returned to sender. Invoices received by e-mail are stored for one (1) month and afterwards will be deleted.

Reverse charge in value added taxation in the construction sector

The reverse charge in value added taxation is applied to construction services sold in Finland (or leasing workforce for construction services) if the buyer is an enterpriser whose operations include selling construction services more than occasionally. The reverse charge in value added taxation is applied to Delete Finland as a buyer.

When, as a seller, you send an invoice to Delete Finland, you should mark the following in your invoices with reverse charge:

  • the VAT ID of your company
  • Delete Finland Ltd’s VAT ID FI10755212
  • the marking “Ei lisättyä arvonlisäveroa, ostajan käännetty arvonlisäverovelvollisuus (AVL 8c §)” (“Invoice does not contain VAT. Reverse charge (Finnish VAT Act 8c §)”).
  • NOTE! Do not mark the amount of value added tax in the invoice.

Do you have any questions about sending an invoice to Delete?

Our services are open Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

Contact information of accounts payable:
Kirsi Pelkonen, p. 040 481 2670
Tuomo Martikainen p. 040 847 4187

Do you have any questions about an invoice received from Delete?

Contact information of accounts receivable:

Hanna Tuloisela, tel. +358 (0)50 322 6537
Waste invoicing: Merianne Järvinen, tel. +358 (0)40 620 2885