Invoicing contact details

How to send an invoice to Delete

We provide our partners with specific instructions on sending invoices to make sure the invoice contains all the necessary information so that it can be efficiently processed at Delete. Any invoices sent with insufficient information must unfortunately be returned to the sender for supplementary information. The minimum term of payment is 30 days.

The representatives of Delete have been instructed to deliver the necessary invoicing details to our partners in connection with the order. The Delete representative who made the order will provide additional information.

Please, make sure that you are billing a correct legal entity. Delete Finland Ltd. Is a heavy duty cleaning company, Delete Ympäristöpalvelut Oy provides recycling services and Delete Oy is a mother company.

Obligatory information in all invoices sent to Delete are as follows

  • reference person
  • profit centre (five-digit ID)
  • project number / PO-number if provided with the order

Sending invoices via email

  • Instructions for email invoices:
  • You can send multiple invoices together in the email, as long as each invoice with attachments will be emailed as a separate PDF as a file
  • All files must have a different name
  • The maximum size of one e-mail is 10Mb
  • Allowed characters in the attachment name are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, spaces and dashes. Please ensure not to use other special characters for naming attachments!
  • Invoices should be sent from an email account to which you can receive possible error messages
  • The responsibility for investigating error situations is primarily by the sender of the invoice

Our invoicing address

Delete Finland Ltd. (Business ID 1075521-2)
E-invoice address:  003710755212
Operator: Maventa
Operator ID: 003721291126

Invoicing address for paper invoices:

Delete Finland Ltd.
Purchase invoices 10755212
P.O. Box 100
FI-80020 Kollektor Scan, Finland
email address:

Delete Oy (Business ID FI23400453)
E-invoice address: 003723400453
Operator: Maventa
Operator ID: 003721291126

Invoicing address for paper invoices:

Delete Oy
Purchase invoices 23400453
P.O. Box 100
80020 Kollektor Scan, Finland
Email address:

Invoicing address for paper invoices:

Delete Group Oyj (Business ID FI25651694)
Postintaival 7
FI-00230 Helsinki, Finland

Reverse charge in value added taxation in the construction sector

The reverse charge in value added taxation is applied to construction services sold in Finland (or leasing workforce for construction services) if the buyer is an enterpriser whose operations include selling construction services more than occasionally. The reverse charge in value added taxation is applied to Delete Finland and Delete Ympäristöpalvelut as a buyer.

When, as a seller, you send an invoice to Delete Finland/ Delete Ympäristöpalvelut, you should mark the following in your invoices with reverse charge:

  • VAT ID of your company
  • Delete Finland Ltd’s VAT ID FI10755212 / Delete Ympäristöpalvelut Ltd’s VAT ID FI30176453
  • the marking “Ei lisättyä arvonlisäveroa, ostajan käännetty arvonlisäverovelvollisuus (AVL 8c §)” (“Invoice does not contain VAT. Reverse charge (Finnish VAT Act 8c §)”).

NOTE! Do not mark the amount of value added tax in the invoice.

Do you have any questions about sending an invoice to Delete?

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Contact information of accounts payable:
Tuomo Martikainen p. 040 847 4187

Do you have any questions about an invoice received from Delete?

Contact information of accounts receivable:
Cleaning services 010 656 1997