Bang & Clean -blast cleaning

Deleten räjäytyspuhdistaja työssään teollisuuslaitoksessa

Bang & Clean -blast cleaning

Bang & Clean is a gas mix-based method for removing impurities from industrial boilers. Blast cleaning can be carried out even when the plant is in full operation. The method is suitable for cleaning various boilers, such as waste incineration boilers, soda recovery and biodegradable waste boilers, electric filters and different silos.

In the Bang & Clean method, several explosions are produced, generating a blast wave that detaches ash or other impurities that decreases process efficiency from the walls of the boiler. Blast cleaning supplements industrial cleaning tasks that are normally carried out during maintenance stoppages. Cleaning can also be carried out when the plant is in full operation. As separate shutdown is not needed, the method makes it possible to achieve significant cost savings.

Another benefit of the method is the opportunity to carry out imaging of different types of boilers when the plant is operational. The condition of the boiler in its different sections can be observed in real time from a large screen, which makes the planning of the stoppage and cleaning needs easier. The device is also equipped with an infrared camera which enables imaging in the dark.

Benefits of Bang & Clean
  • No production stoppages—the method can be used while the boiler is being operated.
  • Due to the excellent cleaning result, the boiler can run on full power without the need for pressure reduction or other limiting measures.
  • More efficient incineration and advanced transfer of heat.
  • Safer and quicker maintenance.
  • Cleaner, simpler and environmentally sustainable cleaning method.
  • Blast cleaning during a maintenance stoppage decreases stoppage time.
  • Imaging the boiler makes it easier to plan the stoppage and provides information on the condition of the boiler.