Delete sustainability areas

Responsibility is a vital part of all Delete operations. We utilise operating principles promoting responsible business methods and expect all those working for Delete to comply with them. We believe that the significance of responsibility will grow even further in all business. We are actively searching for opportunities to support our customers by creating services whose value is substantially based on responsibility and sustainable development. We are developing our own operations according to the principles of continuous improvement.

Our operating principles, shown in the activities of all Delete companies, include respect for the legislation in force and the environment, ethics and fair competition. It is important for us to grow and develop the Group’s business responsibly in the long term. Code of Conduct means compliance with generally approved ethical practices and legislation. It also creates trust among employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Our operating principles create the foundation for the responsible and sustainable development and management of our operations. The operating principles are derived from Delete’s values and operational policy, but the foundation is created by valid legislation, decrees and regulations as well as customers’ safety instructions and related rules. The guidelines related to our operating principles describe the functioning of the processes and specify the related responsibilities. The drafted operating manual describes how we have arranged our quality, occupational health and safety and environmental matters. In addition, we use our operating principles to take a stand on anti-corruption actions and anti-trust legislation, questions of human rights, and behaviour culture at the workplace.

As a partner of Delete, our customer can rest assured that the risk and environmental impacts of our services have been minimised and are constantly monitored. The competence of our staff plays a key role in the development of responsibility.

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A whistleblowing service has been adopted throughout Delete Group. Read more about the service from this link.

Delete operations are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality, ISO 14001:2004 environmental and OHSAS 18001:2007 safety management system standards. Delete possesses RALA qualifications in Finland and is included in the Reliable Partner programme. These acknowledgements prove that Delete is financially sound, tends to its social responsibilities and the information required by the Finnish Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out, and possesses the necessary technical skills and resources.

Our methods

We at Delete are not afraid of hard work or getting our hands dirty. We make clean out of dirty, safe out of dangerous and reusable resources out of waste.

We understand our customers’ needs. We keep our word, do what we promise and attend to our customers’ worries professionally and efficiently.

We care about our shared environment as much as we care about each other, our customers and those close to us – we feel that everyone should be able to get home from work safe and sound.

We know our responsibilities and take them into consideration – we operate according to laws and requirements. By recycling, we prevent our environment from becoming polluted and can make a cleaner world energy-efficiently. We develop sustainably and continuously through good leadership.

Our goals

Our goal is to be the best provider of environmental services in the Nordics and the preferred partner and provider of environmental services of our customers. We offer our customers a comprehensive and reliable partnership. By taking care of our profitability, we ensure the continuous development of our operations.

Our goal is to have the best experts in the field working at Delete. We have a positive attitude towards the development of competence and we encourage individual self-development.

Environmental protection is the starting point of our operations. We act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and use natural resources in a responsible manner. In accordance with the principles of continuous improvement, it is our goal to constantly develop the quality of our environmental protection.

Occupational safety is an integral part of Delete’s activities as a part of instructional leadership. We are committed to an objective of zero accidents and pay particular attention to safety management by our potential subcontractors. The focus of our occupational safety is on preventive actions, i.e. risks and hazards are to be eliminated in advance where possible.

Creating a safety-oriented and environmentally-friendly mindset and activating functions that aim to achieve a working environment that respects the environment and is safe and healthy is also our communicative objective. Our aim is to create an atmosphere in which environmental matters and safety are always taken seriously.

Delete values


Everything we do is based on an entrepreneurial attitude. We seek active communication with our customers. We are constantly finding ways to make it easier for customers to do business with us. We improve our competitiveness through networking.


We maintain our competitiveness by constantly improving our performance and operating more efficiently and strive to cut out red tape. We go beyond the borders of profit centres to find out what’s best for the entire Group. We do what we promise.


We must be the best experts of our own business and ensure this by constant learning. We are actively sharing and spreading knowledge, skills and competences within our organisation.


We treat our fellow employees and competitors with respect. We respect our customers by trying to understand their business as precisely as possible.


We care for the environment. We take occupational safety seriously. Whatever we do, we do it right the first time so that no repeated action is required.