Delete partnering the deCOmm project developing nuclear power plant decommissioning into a business

The world’s nuclear power plants are approaching the age of retirement. The dismantling and after-care of a single nuclear power plant can take more than 10 years, and the total cost may be up to one billion euros. Over the next 20 years, around 10–15 reactors will be decommissioned worldwide each year says dECOmm project manager Tapani Ryynänen from VTT.

DECOmm project aims to construct a strong ecosystem during the coming years that could come together and manage even large decommissioning projects. VTT’s own FiR1 research reactor shut down five years ago acts as the pilot project. According to the FiR1 project manager Markus Airila the decommissioning of the FiR1 research reactor and associated laboratory facilities is a good pilot project when aiming for the commercial reactor decommissioning market.

VTT is responsible for the research side of the dECOmm project, and there are currently seven business partners involved. Delete is developing a demolition robot for nuclear power plant decommissioning worksites in a parallel company-project that is also partially funded by Business Finland.

”Nuclear decommissioning is demanding and precise work for which Delete’s experience makes us uniquely qualified for. Participation in deCOmm will assist in bringing Delete’s specialist knowledge together with other leaders of the industry. Meeting the high safety standards and efficient operations requires combining innovation and modern technology” says Nikolas Ruotsalainen, International Trade Manager for Delete about Delete’s role in deCOmm project.

Delete’s experience in nuclear plant decommissioning

Delete is at current working with nuclear decommissioning in Sweden. The company signed a contract with Uniper covering the decommissioning of the Swedish Oskarshamn and Barsebäck nuclear power plant generators, motors and their support systems. The project is the first phase of the decommissioning project and part of the decommissioning of the turbine halls. Of the 12 commercial reactors in Sweden these four are now being decommissioned. Delete aims to responsible, reliable, high safety standard meeting and efficient operations in the project.

Delete has earlier worked with nuclear power plant decommissioning in the Swedish Studsvik research reactor.

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