Cleaning work and water jet cutting during major stoppage at Neste Oil

On an international scale, the major stoppage executed every five years at the Neste Porvoo refinery is in a category of its own. Delete was in charge of some of the washing of tanks and pipelines and the water jet cutting of all the flare lines at the refinery. Running the refinery into a halt takes two weeks, and the maintenance stoppage was started at the end of April. What ensued was a month of work with a tight schedule to ensure the refinery could be up and running by the end of May.

On a national scale, the major stoppage at Neste Oil is in an entirely different category in terms of size. When stoppages exceeding 400,000 working hours are considered extremely large projects in the global market, the Neste stoppage with its 1.3 million working hours was a gargantuan task. Delete was in charge of some of the most critical work stages of the stoppage in terms of both the effort and the schedule.

“We have invested in new cutting equipment to automate and mechanise work processes with the use of different conveyors. The cutting is made faster and the result is cleaner. In addition to quality, automation improves occupational safety and increases efficiency.”

Jukka Laksola, Project Manager, Delete Finland Ltd.