Bang & Clean blast cleaning for industrial boilers

For several years, two grate boilers (55 megawatts and 40 megawatts, respectively) and one boiler operating in connection with a reel oven (18.6 megawatts) have been cleaned at the Ekokem production plant in Riihimäki with the Bang & Clean method, i.e. blasting. The Bang & Clean method can be used while the boiler is being operated. The Bang & Clean method reduces stoppage time, and avoiding a halt in production, in turn, significantly reduces costs.

Cleaning the boilers without bringing the plant to a halt has proven useful to Ekokem in many different ways. With the Bang & Clean method, Ekokem has been able to increase both the amount of processed waste and energy production in Riihimäki.

“We are able to run the plant on full power throughout the operational period between annual maintenance stoppages. Keeping the boilers clean enables the processing of the designed amount of waste. The energy production also remains consistent and in keeping with the objective during the operational period. In addition, we are able to keep the flow and temperature of combustion gases within the optimal range.”

Juha Nykänen, Operating Manager, Ekokem