Process cleaning of Metsä Fibre factories

After a bidding contest organised in the spring of 2015, Metsä Group and Delete made a general contract on the process cleaning of Metsä Fibre factories. The contract is valid until further notice.

As a market leader in process cleaning, Delete has an understanding of the complexity levels and processes of the lumber industry obtained from commissions executed in Finland and abroad. The company possesses a great deal of field-level expertise which is utilised in the orientation of new staff.

–Delete has established a new office to manage the service level of the Metsä Fibre, Metsä Wood and Metsä Board factories located in Äänekoski, says Raimo Huhtala, Business Director of Industrial and Property Services at Delete.

“The contract contains all the process cleaning commissions, such as high-pressure washing of power fuel boilers, soda recovery boilers, wood processing, containers, pipelines and evaporators as well as high-power vacuuming.”

Tommi Kajasoja, CEO, Delete Finland Ltd.