Cleaning of rock surfaces at Imatrankoski dam

The Imatrankoski dam renovation is the first of its kind.In 2016, an extensive project started among Finnish national scenery. The complete renovation of the dam at Imatra power plant will take four years and require the skills of experts from a number of fields.

The rock drill drones on and the workers are toiling away. On the other side, you see the churning waters of Vuoksi, and on the other side, there is a steep drop into a dry, stony riverbed.
We are at the heart of Imatra, at Imatrankoski rapid, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Finland.

This is the first time a large dam is being renovated in Finland. The Fortum project is carried out under the supervision of Finland’s National Board of Antiquities. One of the objectives in renovating the structures is to be as faithful as possible to the original appearance of the dam, completed in 1929.

Delete is involved in two projects: In 2015, Delete was in charge of the concrete demolition work of the hydroelectric power plant machinery. In the dam section, Delete was tasked with washing the lime residue from all the rock surfaces, remove the worst seams and to restore the rock surfaces to their original appearance. The washing project is very challenging as some of the work is carried out by divers underwater.

“The renovation project is exceptional in every way. The target, location, size and complexity of the work is unlike anything this industry has seen before.”

Jari Tirri, Site Manager, Destia