Delete will from now on audit all its suppliers

“Because it is our goal to be the best provider of environmental services in the Nordic Countries, we are also responsible for how our partners operate,” Procurement Manager Timo Turkkinen says of Delete’s supplier audits.

In the Global Compact, of which we are part, we monitor our activities in relation to human rights, workers’ rights, environmental protection and action against corruption. The corporate ethics that apply to our work and environmentally conscious actions reflect the ten principles of the Global Compact initiative of the United Nations. We have identified the most important questions for us relating to sustainability, and we systematically monitor our performance in the areas in question. As part of the Global Compact, we ensure that our suppliers and cooperation partners also support our commitments.

The audits will be conducted as cooperative efforts between Delete and the HSEQ team. The purpose of the auditing is to develop the operations of both parties, to deepen cooperation and to help build a more sustainable society. Matters covered by the audit will include management and development and the systems that support them, the visions and strategies, goals, and action plans, decision-making, risk management, the company’s core and support processes, the efficiency and safety of the working environment, the traceability of the company’s products, staff development, purchases, upkeep and maintenance of equipment, internal assessments and monitoring, and handling of irregularities.

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