Sewer imaging in Osuuspankki property, Simo

Where the eye cannot reach, a sewer camera can save images of even the tiniest pipes. Being properly informed helps make the right sewer renovation decisions. The building, constructed in the 1960s, is situated in the municipality of Simo. There are four floors of residential apartments as well as a bank which has occasionally suffered from smells from the sewer. The previous imaging was carried out ten years ago, which meant that the condition of the sewers was already in need of investigation.

The sewer was discovered to be so clogged that it needed to be washed before the imaging could be carried out.  The Delete professionals ran a washing hose from the pressure vehicle into the sewer. In addition, a suction hose placed in the sewer at the same time pulled the washings and the loose sludge from the sewer. The sludge removed from the pipe and the loose rust from the cast iron pipe were sucked into the same tank in the Delete suction vehicle, thus preventing the sewer from getting clogged in the future. Everything was executed in a tidy manner, and the remaining drops of water were vacuumed from the floor to complete the work.

After the imaging, the client was given a video and an imaging report as well as a sewer condition estimate on a scale from 1 to 5. Targets with the largest number require quick repairs, but in this case, the condition varied between 2 and 3.

“We provide the condition estimate, but the client decides on the repair methods. For this target, we recommended that the client start planning a sewer renovation.”

Jani Posio, Foreman, Delete Finland Ltd.