On Accident Day, stop a moment

The break can be, for example, a moment when the whole work community stops to consider concrete steps to improve overall safety, or a specific work activity for improving safety.

At Delete, we are committed to ensuring that the health and safety of our staff are taken care of. No task is too urgent to be done correctly, and safely. So follow the day’s theme and stop for a moment—either on your own or with your workmates.

Good ideas for everyday safety

For internal purposes, Delete uses an ideas box where everyone can drop in a suggestion. We select the best idea of every month, and reward the person(s) who came up with it. The idea box also helps us to promote safety work and an accident-free work environment. Last month, we chose as the most promising idea for development a suggestion for using LED technology on work sites to improve visibility and safety. Thanks to that idea, we hope that LED technology will very soon be seen on our work sites, and contributing to their safety.

I began my own working day today by taking a moment to read our instructions on occupational safety. So take that as a challenge: What will you take a moment to do in the spirit of Accident Day?

Safety concerns everybody, and the most important contributor to your occupational safety is yourself!

The writer, Janne Haaksluoto, is HSEQ Manager at Delete Finland Ltd.


Read more on Accident Day and tips for handling and avoiding rush: http://www.kotitapaturma.fi/tapaturmapaiva/

Accident Day is also visible on social media. You can participate in Accident Day by taking a photo or shooting a short video clip of your own unhurried moment and sharing it on social media using the hashtag #hopulleloppu.