Waste – interior design from demolition sites

New use for demolition site materials

Highly appreciated materials such as metals and fine wood materials can be found on demolition sites. In addition to the materials some of the demolition sites are packed with furniture, lamps & lightning and decoration. Some of these are ready to use after a thorough cleaning and fixing. Some need a little bit more attention or even redesigning. Where someone might see waste, we see treasures.

Waste products are interior design items, furniture, lamps & lightning and other products made of demolition materials from Delete’s demolition sites. Waste products are suitable for everyday use at homes, common spaces, restaurants, cafes and offices among others. If you stand for recycling, circular economy, industrial design, trash design and like uniqueness then Waste maybe also your treasure.


Many materials are usable after decades, maybe just not in their original use. Where someone else sees waste, we see possibilities for Waste. The materials we use in Waste products are often mass produced in the beginning in their original use. After being redesigned, cleaned, fixed or renovated they come to another unique life. All our products are somehow unique. Partly because of their own unique history & story and partly because of the unique patina and detrition in each piece.

Every piece of waste is a treasure to someone else. This is how Waste is created.

Environment, Recycling & Circular economy

Waste products are supporting circular economy by donating 20 % of the profit we make.

Who are we?

Johannes Stenberg – a Finnish designer passionate about old materials.
“The moment an old material turns into something new. This is the moment of my energy. The life of the product and the material is renewed, in a new home. This is recycling at its best!”.

Juhana Myllykoski – a Finnish industrial designer passionate about recycling.
“We want people to experience the value of recycling and to enjoy it thorough Waste product. These are product designed to last.”

Delete – an enabler and source of material for Waste.

Where to find Waste?

Address: Kyläsaarenkatu 5D, 00580 Helsinki
email. waste@delete.fi
Web site and web shop: www.waste.fi
mobile: +358 45 671 6779

Social media:
Instagram @delete_waste
FaceBook @deletewaste