Delete’s new skip innovation can decrease the emissions caused by on-site logistics and cut the carbon footprint by up to half


This innovation makes on-site logistics up to 50 per cent more efficient, thereby cutting emissions by half. In addition, the need for space required for storing the skips is significantly reduced.

Increased occupational safety and optimised use of space

Demolition sites in particular, but also construction sites struggle with a lack of space. Crowded areas are also a matter of occupational safety. The skip transport system brings help to this situation because as it becomes easier to change skips at a rapid cycle, the number of skips required at a site decreases when only one skip for each material is needed. Thanks to the skip organiser, sites have more room for other operations and uninterrupted sorting can be achieved. In addition, the number of vehicles visiting the sites is also cut in half, increasing safety at the site significantly.

On-site logistics’ carbon footprint cut in half

The carbon footprint of the transportation vehicles can be cut in half by reduced transports. Changing the skip is effortless thanks to the skip organiser and, within the weight limits, up to two times of waste that takes up a lot of space can be carried in a single transport. This naturally has an effect on the volume of used fuel as the number of kilometres travelled is decreased.

– Minimising the environmental impact is the most important point of the skip organiser, says Tommi Leppiaho, Business Area Manager at Delete. The fact that lorries can carry an empty skip along with a full skip improves the on-site logistics and reduces emissions as the number of transports decreases. Sites do not have to be without an empty skip at any point, so to speak. The transportation volume is also increased, he adds.

The skip organiser is particularly suitable for the purposes of material recycling at construction sites. The skip organiser also makes it easier for logistics companies to use the space reserved for skips, thanks to the system, in which up to three skips can be stacked for the duration of storage. This increases the efficiency of the area reserved for skips and decreases the required area.

Benefits of using the Delete skip organiser

  • Transportation emissions cut in half, carbon footprint decreased by 50 per cent
  • Cost of transportation cut in half
  • Number of vehicles at the construction site cut in half and increased safety on site
  • Suitable for standard skips
  • Does not require changes in the current transportation vehicles
  • Triples the capacity of the area reserved for skips


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