Urban demolition at Kasarmitori square, Helsinki

Delete demolished two buildings previously owned by the Public Works Department, built in 1960 and 1969 and situated in the corner of Kasarmikatu and Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu in Helsinki. There were eights floors above ground to demolish in both buildings. In addition, 2.5 floors were demolished below ground in the corner of Makasiinikatu and Kasarmikatu to the depth of 9 metres.

Delete initiated the demolition in mid-February and was finished by the end of June. After this, a new 7-storey office building with 16,000 square metres of office space will be constructed on the site. The target was not simply challenging but also quite rare, as similar demolition is hardly ever carried out in the area.

“The neighbourhood features old, fragile buildings. Their presence has even affected the demolition order. The wall of the adjacent property in Makasiinikatu 7–9 was firmly supported with the frame of two tower cranes.  Finally, the demolished building was sawed off the adjacent property to ensure a safe demolition that would not damage the neighbouring building.”

Raimo Lehtimaa, Project Manager, Delete Finland Ltd.