Demolition of residential buildings in Jakomäki

Delete acted as the demolition contractor of suburban apartment buildings built in the 1960s in Jakomäki, Helsinki. The buildings were demolished to make room for new construction. The demolition was started in November 2014 and finished in the spring of 2015. New buildings are expected to be built at the site during 2016–2017. After the residents had left the buildings, the demolition was started with the removal of harmful substances such as asbestos. This was followed by indoor demolition work and heavier demolition.

The structural demolition work at the site was carried out with a long-boom demolition machine. In addition, two machines equipped with a normal boom were present during the demolition of the structure. The rest of the demolition work was carried out with three demolition machines. The weights of the machines varied between 30–60 tonnes. The site produced about 500–600 tonnes of concrete steel. In addition, a large quantity of wood was demolished from the indoors.

“The site arrangements of the demolition stage went smoothly as the residents had moved away. Fencing was simple, and we did not encounter any disruptions. However, the copper at the site seemed to arouse interest. Someone had carried out free “demolition work” by night in the first buildings and taken all the copper.”

Raimo Hantunen, Project Manager, Delete Finland Ltd.