Demolition of Oriketo waste incinerator

The 89-metre chimney of Oriketo waste incinerator relinquished its title as the third-tallest structure in the city in favour of the 86-metre Turku Cathedral. The City of Turku selected Delete for the demolition project of Oriketo waste incineration plant after a bidding contest. A new environmental permit could no longer be obtained for the waste incinerator, which is why it was decided to be demolished. The demolition work took about 5 months, and the famous 89-metre chimney was brought down by Delete during the project.

“At first, we dealt with all the required manual dismantling and the asbestos demolition work. The target had some fibre cement sheeting containing asbestos which needed to be demolished according to regulations.”

Raimo Lehtimaa, Project Manager, Delete Finland Ltd.