Demolition of Koverhar steel factory

The mission is simple but not easy. The vacated Koverhar steel factory in Hanko needs to be demolished.
The Koverhar steel factory was completed in the early 1960s. The last owner of the factory, FNSteel Oy, went bankrupt in 2012 and no one picked up the operations. In 2014, Delete bought the factory in order to demolish it. The project has advanced at a good rate, but still involves great effort and interesting challenges.

There is plenty of recyclable material in the factory area. Metal and concrete can be reused. Some of the steel factory machinery and equipment is also perfectly serviceable and has prospective buyers all over the world.

“We try to ensure that as much material and equipment as possible is reused. All hazardous substances, such as asbestos and heavy oil, are carefully treated to ensure that they cause no environmental damage.”

Nikolas Ruotsalainen, Development Engineer, Delete Finland Ltd.

The project was finished in 2017. Machinery & equipment were recycled and shipped to multiple countries in order to assure the longest possible life cycle. Other materials were recycled in Finland and multiple other countries as well.