Delete is one of the leading environmental full-service providers in the Nordic countries. We offer business-critical services that require specialist competences and specialised equipment through three business segments: Industrial Cleaning Services, Demolition Services and Recycling Services.

We create a cleaner environment by helping our customers prevent and delete their problems in a sustainable way.


CEO’s review

We continued to achieve growth in 2018 fuelled by M&A and we acquired four new companies that will strengthen our position in the markets. Our net sales grew by 9 percent and amounted to EUR 192.8 million. Our operating profit was EUR 7.2 million.

We set fairly ambitious targets for 2018, and I am pleased to say that overall our operations developed in the right direction.

While we are one of the leading environmental full-service providers in the Nordic countries, we want to grow further and strengthen our market position. We have defined Finland and Sweden as our main markets, but we are also keeping an eye on adjacent markets and may carry out targeted expansion moves to other locations in Europe with our existing customers.

Our growth is supported by long-term trends: the development of environmental legislation, urbanisation, the ageing building stock and the digital transformation. In addition to organic business development, we will also continue to make acquisitions, provided that we find companies that meet our stringent criteria. The market we operate in is large but fragmented, which presents opportunities for industry consolidation and helps support our growth target.

Industrial Cleaning Services

The Industrial Cleaning Services business segment offers a comprehensive range of services for industrial customers, with cleaning and maintenance shutdown services as its main products.

In terms of net sales, Delete is the largest provider of industrial cleaning services in Finland. The Group aims to expand its business in Sweden, where it is currently one of the largest players in the field.

Delete’s strength in Industrial ­Cleaning Services is based on good assignment planning and ­resource management, a broad range of equipment and a high level of technical competence. Customers expect service providers to operate professionally and to have the capacity to carry out increasingly ­challenging assignments while taking environmental, occupational health and safety issues into consideration. Delete has a very comprehensive network of ­business locations in Finland and Sweden. Case by case, Cleaning ­services can also be provided globally.

Demolition Services

The Demolition Services business segment’s services include the demolition of entire buildings and industrial complexes, renovation and lift dismantling assignments, damage restoration as well as the surveying and removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials.

Delete is the largest player in the Finnish demolition service market and in Sweden it is one of the largest players in the field. Demolition services are part of the company’s core expertise and it has a large number of references from carrying out challenging demolition work on residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The company has a broad and diverse fleet of equipment, including over 70 excavators as well as state-of-the-art technology such as remotely controlled demolition robots.

Delete’s strength in demolition services lies in process management from start to finish as well as the competencies related to the recycling of demolition materials.

Recycling Services

The Recycling Services business segment’s services include the reception, recycling and processing of solid construction and demolition waste as well as oily liquid waste. The business segment also provides waste container services.

Delete is one of Finland’s largest construction and demolition waste recycling service providers. The company operates six recycling stations in Finland. The recycling stations provide good coverage of Finland’s growing urban areas in the Helsinki region and Pirkanmaa.

Delete serves its customers in all stages of the processing of materials: reuse, recycling and reutilisation.

Delete produces recycled fuels (REF) and recycled wood chips from the waste it receives. The Recycling Services business segment also uses waste concrete and bricks from Delete’s demolition sites to produce DeleKivi crushed concrete, which can be used in civil engineering projects.


Responsibility is a vital part of all Delete operations. We utilise operating ­principles promoting responsible business methods and expect all those working for Delete to comply with them. We believe that the significance of responsibility will grow even further in all business. We are actively searching for opportunities to support our customers by creating services whose value is substantially based on responsi­bility and sustainable development.

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