Deleten palokatkotyöntekijä työvarustuksessaan

An important feature in the fire safety of a property

We offer our client the best possible fire compartmentalisation with modern, authority-approved methods for new construction and renovation targets, property maintenance, and industrial projects. The diverse, tested methods and the international technical support of the material suppliers enable firestop installations in even the most demanding projects.

Firestops are installed in building technology ducts that weaken compartmentalisation. The purpose of compartmentalisation is to prevent the spreading of fire, heat and combustion gases in the building, thus preventing bodily injuries and damage to property and assisting extinguishing and rescue work in the event of a fire.

Installations are carried out in accordance with the National Building Code of Finland and the complexity level of the target and marked in the structures as well as documented in the service manual of the property with its location charts, if necessary (CAD documentation). In our targets, we use CE-marked and ETA-approved HILTI firestop materials and methods approved by the Finnish authorities. If necessary, all the firestop products from Würth, Protecta and KBS are also available. Our operating area covers all of Finland.

Firestop surveys

The share of firestops in the overall safety of a building is substantial. In old buildings, the borders of fire compartments have often unknowingly been altered or broken during alteration work, which significantly weakens fire safety. In a firestop survey, the fire compartments and ducts of a property are examined and any detected faults are marked in the report and the floor plans with repair suggestions and price estimates. Functional and correctly executed firestops and regular firestop surveys prevent damage to the property and, above all else, bodily injuries.

Other Delete services:

  • Other structural sealing and sound stops
  • Service manual instructions and statements
  • Structural integrity measurements
  • External fire protection of cables and cable shelves