Moisture surveys

Deleten työntekijä kuivatuslaitteiston kanssa

Moisture in structures can be surprising — Delete will survey the situation and sort out any damage

If a building is suspected to have moisture and mould damage, a quick sensory survey can be carried out at the target without breaking its structures. In the moisture and mould survey, any background factors connected to the potential damage are investigated (repair and construction history, surrounding structures and their functionality, etc.) and potential risk points are located with a sensory method as well as with the use of different measuring devices. In addition, microbial samples are taken from the suspected damage areas, if necessary.

The collected information from the preliminary investigation, survey or research is compiled into a report which is given to the client. The report will describe the significance and extent of the discovered damage and offer suggestions for further action. Depending on the target, these can be suggestions for repairs or further investigation.

More precise moisture and microbial investigations may be required when the cause of the damage or its exact extent cannot be found in the sensory survey. The investigation closely examines the reasons and cause of the damage and includes moisture and heat technical investigation of structures, structural openings, and long-term measurements.

The investigation information is compiled into a thorough report given to the client, describing the research observations as well as repair suggestions with their cost estimates. If the repairs to be carried out require repair planning, we can also make, for example, structural details and work explanations for future repairs on the basis of the investigation.