Asbestos and hazardous materials surveys

Deleten asbestipurkaja suojavarusteissa

We carry out asbestos and hazardous materials surveys with expertise

Our asbestos and hazardous materials experts are top-notch specialists in the field. Today, an asbestos survey is mandatory for any renovation or refurbishment. In a hazardous materials and asbestos survey, we determine the existence, amount and location in the building of substances dangerous to health, including asbestos, creosote, lead, PCB and microbes. We also carry out asbestos removal work, as well as removal of other hazardous substances, including mould.

An asbestos survey takes place by carrying out a non-destructive inspection of the building using visual and other senses and taking material samples of substances that are not recognized or may be suspected of containing asbestos or other harmful substances. The key content of a survey report consists of the asbestos-containing materials discovered. The survey report specifies the amount, quality, condition and friability of any asbestos found, as well as the recommendations for action and the urgency of the measures. The report additionally mentions the scope and boundaries of the survey, the materials examined, risk assessments on materials not examined, instructions and information on subsequent measures and on the interpretation of the report.

When you are about to launch a renovation project, I will ask our specialist to carry out an asbestos survey for you.