Lift removal


Delete’s Demolition Services can carry out lift removal projects anywhere in Finland. Our removal services are suitable for lifts of all ages and sizes. In addition to the actual removals, our lift removal services include asbestos and harmful substance surveys before the lift removal as well as the removal of asbestos and other possibly detected harmful materials. We take care of all the necessary temporary fire compartmentalization, dust screening and shaft washing work during the removal.

Our lift removal services cover the removal of entire lift systems and escalators as well as dismantling lift motors when they need to be replaced.

We perform lift maintenance and replacement work as well as demolition work related to replacement projects. We can also alter the use of lifts by performing demolition and alteration work related to raised floors, lift doors and installing a new lift in a block of apartments without a lift, for example.

We can perform lift removal projects as separate contracts or as a part of a heavy demolition or a renovation demolition contract. We recycle and reuse all the materials caused by demolition work as efficiently as possible in an environmentally friendly manner.