Consti Yhtiöt sites’ waste management services

Consti is one of the leading repair construction and building services engineering companies in Finland. At over 900 sites per year, the company has a demand for a responsible waste management partner that has the capability to deliver. Delete has managed to fulfil these criteria.

The agreement between Consti and Delete covers the sites’ waste management services, which, in practice, include waste skip deliveries and transports and waste processing and recycling. The most vital aspects for a site are working according to the predefined operating methods and schedules. Delete is in charge of Consti’s waste management services in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Tampere. Cooperation with Delete has made the daily routine at Consti easier, as all the above mentioned waste management requirements are extensively covered by a single agreement.

As a publicly listed company, Consti is particularly interested in the responsibility of waste recycling. In addition to being responsible, Consti has high hopes that the cooperation with Delete will be as fluent and convenient as possible. It is important that Consti’s employees do not need to use an excessive amount of their time on managing waste logistics.

“Having a partner that has nationwide operations and observes the constantly changing industry regulations in a transparent manner builds confidence that the cooperation will meet our demands,” says Raine Hakala, Procurement Manager at Consti Julkisivut Oy.

“The most significant aspect of the cooperation with Delete is that it enables the sites to be operated with minimal effort. This fulfils the most important criteria. Whenever we have encountered a deficiency, the Delete contact person has actively taken charge and found a way to resolve the matter directly with the site management. A majority of the challenges we have faced have been overcome in cooperation with the supplier’s representative.”

Raine Hakala, Procurement Manager, Consti Julkisivut Oy