Opening an account

Do you wish to open account with Delete Finland Ltd.?

For opening an account, please fill in the form below and send it to us for processing. After receiving the form, we will check the applicant’s credit report. Processing the application will take about 3–4 weekdays. Opening an account requires that the information in the form is correct and that the credit report is in order.


  1. Delete Finland Ltd. shall have the right to charge the valid collection fee of EUR 10 if overdue invoices need to be collected.
  2. Delete Finland Ltd. shall have the right to determine the credit limit and to change it if deemed necessary by Delete Finland Ltd.
  3. Delete Finland Ltd. shall have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if Delete Finland Ltd. considers the customer’s financial status changed so that the payment of receivables to Delete Finland Ltd. is risked or if Delete Finland Ltd. considers termination necessary for some other reason.
  4. Delete Finland Ltd. shall have the right to collect penalty interest for overdue invoices in accordance with the Finnish Interest Act.
  5. The term of payment for account agreement customers is 14 days net and invoicing will be carried out on the Monday of each week.
  6. The customer account is available when ordering recycling and waste processing services and demolition services offered by Delete Finland Ltd.
  7. The service rates and other potential specifications will be agreed upon in a separate attachment or service agreement.


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